Access Haiti Helps

World-Class Support At Your Fingertips
AS EASY AS 1-2-3.

Access Haiti helps mobile

In order to provide the best customer experience possible and avoid long call times as well as provide low-resolution time associated with internet speed issues, Wi-Fi, and other connectivity-related issues, we bring you our world-class app Access Haiti helps.

Access Haiti app

Have an Android or iPhone

Access Haiti app

Download the App
“Access Haiti Helps” From the App Store or Google Play store.

Access Haiti app

Run the app and follow the onscreen instructions.
Once completed take note
of the Key Code.

Access Haiti app

Call Customer Care at
+509 2812-6000 and share
the Key Code with the agent.

Access Haiti app

The agent will check the result of your test and will be able to better understand your issue and provide a solution.

Access Haiti app

Note that your key Code is unique to your phone and will always be the same.